10 edtech startups to follow in 2018: Meet xEdu Spring batch

February 8, 2018

xEdu, the startup accelerator for edtech companies kicked off the fifth program today. After receiving almost 100 applications from 30 countries around the globe, xEdu has carefully selected the top 10 startups that will transform education as we know it. 


The top-notch teams that innovate in the experiential, collaborative and game-based learning will start their 4-month learning journey with the best coaches in their fields. The program is built around the strong ecosystem and EduImpact VC is an important part of it.





Without further ado, please meet the new cohort of xEdu startups:







Explore the world through a new lens with BeED's unique Learning Experiences.

M2 Talent



M2 Talent has developed a transformative digital tool for matching individuals’ job seeker potential to requirements of the job market. The product can be used as a value-adding career planning tool in the education segment, starting from senior high to university level.




Gro Play creates good game experiences to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living.

World of Insights



World of Insights makes serious games and tools for accelerating workplace learning. These business games blend deceptively simple card and board game features with powerful questions to cover various aspects of business, ranging from innovation and personal development to leadership.

Rolling Stories



Rolling Stories is a tool that allows users to create, combine, and present content, which follows the flow of storytelling.




LessonApp is a mini Teacher Academy in a Pocket. It helps teachers worldwide to design lessons the Finnish way — pedagogically wise and simple.




Superlect is a marketplace for professional education. It encourages anyone with experience and passion to become a teacher. 

Positive CV



Positive CV, or PCV, is a curriculum vitae of a broad range of skills that helps a child to learn to recognise their various abilities.


School OS



School OS is the powerful AI-based education platform, which uses AI to analyze schools’ data to provide personal counselling to teachers and parents. 

Tact for Edu



TACT is a swarm intelligence online platform which helps schools to create collaborative culture and promote development of the school as a learning organization. 


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