“Investing in Education” seminar recap

September 25, 2018

Thank You all for having interest in EduImpact seminar “Investing in Education” at Dare to Learn on September 18th!  We had tremendous guest speakers who all had one clear message to us:


Finland and other Nordic countries have exceptional capabilities to be a global superpower in the ongoing education market revolution. The market that is almost three times bigger than the whole of ICT sector and where digital revolution has covered only 2% of its content. However, the by far largest bottleneck to develop the hundreds of new innovations in Nordics is the lack of professional venture capital funding with education sector expertise.

EduImpact Fund has been created to solve that problem of the Finnish and Nordic education sector startups and growth companies. These companies have the innovations that can exploit the global opportunity of growing EdTech market with the Nordic educational and technological excellence. This brings an enormous investment opportunity for local professional investors and creates a need for education sector specialist fund — EduImpact Fund.


Last but not least, we would like to thank you all our great startups and growth companies who had presentations on their disruptive education innovations and business cases.


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